Magnotta Foundation Donates 1.4 Million to Fund Lyme Disease Research at the University of Guelph

5_MarchThis is a link to a CBC article on a donation made by Mrs. Magnotta via her foundation to the University of Guelph to fund Lyme disease research at the University of Guelph.

It is tragic how Mr. Magnotta was misdiagnosed with Lyme disease and even when he flew to the U.S. and Germany where he was tested positive, Canada refused to treat him and he had to go to Germany to be treated.

Hopefully this will result in solutions to the Lyme disease threat we are facing here in Ontario. In the meantime it is important to educate yourself about Lyme disease if you venture into forests or long grass. Unfortunately there is not a vaccine for Lyme disease in Canada but you can apply repellants and tuck your pants inside your socks to make it difficult for ticks to reach your skin. Then when out of the forest, search yourself for any ticks. A lint roller is a good tool as it will pick up any lose ticks on your clothing.

We are fortunate that we have a vaccine against Lyme disease for dogs and good products to protect them from ticks.

In choosing a tick product for your dog it is important to know that ticks don’t immediately attach to the dog and can drop off in your car or home and pose a threat to you and your family.

For this reason I personally recommend (and use on my dog) a topical parasiticide that will kill a deer tick if it spends just 10 minutes walking on your dog. This means ticks that have grabbed onto your dog and then subsequently fallen off in your home will not pose a risk to the human members of the household as the tick will be dying.

This is a video of a Deer Tick that I removed from a dog in late March 2017 with a ‘tick twister’.




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